In this Goddess conscious world, shrines were built to the Goddess on tops of mountains. The Minoans built their spiral on the Tor because it was the ideal shape to represent the Goddess, as the broad Breasts of Gaia, Mother Earth supports all mountains.

In Minoan Spirituality, a priestess would wear a long dress with an open top, baring her breastsThe Dress represents the Goddess, when the Priestess draws the Goddess out of the ground, in a Pillar crypt, into her body. After the ritual is finished the Dress is hung up on a special hanger, as the Dress itself become a sacred object retaining the essence of the Goddess. The open top baring her Breasts is the focus of her religious beliefs, as 'a breast centred Goddess consciousness' the Sacred Breast, to commune with, and pray to the Goddess, and also as the conduit to the Goddess, allowing men to respect and pray to the Goddess by making a deep sensual connection with their partners. 

The writer Sophie Bashford says - For a woman to open up to her immense, natural sexual fullness she needs to trust a man with her heart, soul and sacred feminine core -

She needs to feel that he recognizes that she is Goddess incarnate form. He needs to recognize that the core of him - his masculinity - is deeply nourished by the spiritual feminine and that it is only through surrender to this Shakti force that he can become the man he yearns to be (and the world needs most)....

The Breasts which are deeply connected to the Heart, and love flows from the Divine Feminine, the Universal Mother, the Great Goddess through her Breasts. A woman who truly connects with her Breasts will know the beautiful feeling that arises from fully embracing them for their spiritual as well as physical qualities.

Women are sensual beings, and the Breasts are a source of deep, desirable sensual energy, and her sacred feminine essence. 

The sex coach Cosmic Kari Star says 'Men and Women have been improperly informed that a man's attraction to a woman is lust. This was to diminish the truth of the attraction. It is worship. It is sacred. The Sacred Masculine begins the worship of Divine Feminine with his magnetic attraction to her. We have been led to belittle this attraction and call it "only" lust. In the old masculine dominance, the magnificence of men's gift to women was intentionally degraded so women would not feel this worship while men ruled the world.